Langley Moor Primary School

Class 2

(Year 2)

Welcome to Class 2 where we work as a team of learners with a mixture of work on the carpet, at tables and using technology. Children engage in planned, practical lessons which spark their curiosity, and all children are encouraged to share their thoughts to describe their understanding. Class 2 routines foster a climate of independence and responsibility. We become even more independent than previously in Class 1, especially with maths, reading and writing. These vital skills underpin the school experience and enable children to demonstrate their knowledge and give them the confidence and enthusiasm to reach beyond their grasp. There are amazing new things to learn and read across all subjects. Highlights include studying The Great Fire of London, country studies of China and exploring animals' adaptations to their habitats too. Some visitors will come to support our studies such as Durham University and an animal handler. We will also leave the classroom to visit Durham Cathedral and the aquarium to make our learning more real. Our year is packed full of fun including the Nativity play at Christmas and a sports festival in the Spring. The best part of our day is class novel time getting lost in a book. As the year goes on children read parts aloud with fluency, expression and confidence ready for Class 3.

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Article 28: All children have the right to a good quality education. 

Article 29: All children have the right to education, which should develop talents and abilities.