Langley Moor Primary School

Class 3

(Year 3)

Welcome to Class 3! This is where we take our first steps into Key Stage 2 and it is very important for the children to be settled and happy in their new classroom. All children are encouraged to be the best they can be, in all that they do, from classroom learning to being a kind and respectful friend to playing rounders! Learning is fun and our calm learning environment allows us to reach our full potential. We have high expectations of all the children in our class.

We have some tremendous topics, including The Stone Age, Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Greeks. In the spring term we will be visiting the Oriental Museum in Durham to enhance our learning about the Ancient Egyptians and we will see some ancient mummies! Geography is focused on the UK and the north-east in particular, as we learn why we are so fortunate to live in this amazing part of the world. In the summer term we will learn about the life cycle of plants and visit Hardwick Park to investigate how different eco-systems support one another. Each week in the autumn term we have swimming lessons at Brandon Swimming Baths and this is a lovely opportunity to see the children grow in confidence as they learn an incredibly important life skill.

After a successful year in Class 3 the children will be ready for the challenges of Class 4!

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Class 3

RRSA Article Links

Article 28: All children have the right to a good quality education. 

Article 29: All children have the right to education, which should develop talents and abilities.