Langley Moor Primary School

Class 4

(Year 4)

Class 4 - what a wonderful place to be! Here, we strive to be our best selves and are always encouraged to be kind to others. When learning, we work in different ways: sometimes by ourselves and sometimes with our peers solving problems or investigating, as well as reading and writing for different audiences and different purposes.   Our first topic is the Romans and we will visit Arbeia Roman Fort to find out how and when Romans came to our area – how exciting! Other highlights in the year include finding out about our cathedral, volcanoes and coastlines in Geography culminating in visits to the beach where we may see some of the animals we have explored in Science as we practise our classification skills in the rock pools. Of course, times tables are a big focus in Year 4, so be prepared for exciting head-to-heads in TT Rockstars. In Class 4, we develop our sense of responsibility taking on different monitor roles within our classroom helping us to prepare us for moving into Upper Key Stage 2.

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Class 4


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Article 28: All children have the right to a good quality education. 

Article 29: All children have the right to education, which should develop talents and abilities.