Langley Moor Primary School


At Langley Moor Primary School we want children in History:

  • To show enthusiasm and thirst for new knowledge.
  • To develop disciplinary and substantive knowledge and skills simultaneously.
  • To confidently discuss their learning and experiences in History.
  • To use age appropriate technical vocabulary to articulate their learning and experiences as a Historian.

At Langley Moor Primary School our History curriculum begins in Reception under the Understanding the World umbrella. Early history experiences are focused on children knowing their own personal history and making comparisons using the terms old and new, past and present to compare familiar aspects of life now and then. In key stage 1 children follow the national curriculum with a balance between national and local history studies. In key stage 2 history units are taught in chronological order to enable them to sequence, order and make sense, make links and comparisons to previous areas studied. We use an enquiry based approach from our youngest children in EYFS to the eldest in KS2 to encourage children to develop disciplinary and substantive knowledge and skills alongside each other.

Teachers use common techniques across school to enable children to practise the same skills at different ages.

These techniques include:

First hand experiences – Link visitors or trips allow children to see and handle real historical artefacts in an environment outside of the classroom. They then have the opportunity to make comparisons and links to life now and also previous historical periods studied.

Use of a timeline - Begin areas of study introducing the enquiry question and sequencing areas of study on a timeline.

In EYFS children focus on their personal history. In KS1, children will relate periods of History studied to their own way of life now. In KS2, children are taught history areas of study in chronological order.

Explicit vocabulary - previous learning, knowledge and vocabulary is explicitly shared at the beginning of a topic and taught systematically in a carefully sequenced series of lessons.

In KS2 key concepts are explored for each period of study. These are power, society and achievements.

Our carefully planned and sequenced history curriculum ensures pupils are confident, and

  • Have a balance of planned learning experiences including practical evidence in photographs, written work in books and work on display.
  • Experience a varied and engaging curriculum, which develops a range of Historical skills.
  • There is clear progression of skills in line with those identified on the long term plans.
  • That pupils, over time, develop a range of skills and knowledge across all parts of the History curriculum.

Curriculum coverage and area of study:

history curriculum coverage.pdf


area of study.pdf

 Progression of skills: