Langley Moor Primary School


At Langley Moor Primary School, we want children to develop a love of music and, through enjoyable lessons, to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to become confident performers, composers and listeners.  Through progressive teaching, children will develop the musical skills of singing, playing tuned and untuned instruments, improvising and composing music and listening and responding to music.  They will also develop skills of team-working, leadership, creative thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and presentation and performance skills, which are essential skills outside and beyond school.

Using teaching resources from Sing Up, which is guided by the National Curriculum and Model Music Curriculum (MMC), children will develop musicianship through an integrated and holistic approach to musical learning.  Each term, children will develop their skills in singing, listening, composing and performing.  Following the spiral curriculum model, previous skill and knowledge are returned to and built upon.  Through this, children will recognise and use the vocabulary of the interrelated dimensions of music – pitch, duration, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and dynamics – and be able to use this when talking about music and expressively in their own improvisations and compositions.

Using the support of Durham Music Service, children from Year 1 through to, and including, Year 6 will spend one term learning a musical instrument.  Whilst supporting during these lessons, class teachers will use this opportunity to develop their own musical confidence.  In preparation for this, children in Reception will explore a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

Each unit of work is accompanied by a learning journey, which demonstrates a progressive journey within each unit and highlights the key vocabulary that will be taught.

Each lesson provides the opportunity for formative assessment by using key questions linked to the learning objectives. Using pupil voice, the impact of the previous term’s learning will be assessed, for example in composition, before beginning the current term’s learning in composition.

The expected impact of progressive provision with Langley Moor Primary School I that children will:

  • Be confident performers, composers and listeners and will be able to express themselves musically at and beyond school.
  • Show an appreciation and respect for a wide range of musical styles from around the world and will understand how music is influenced by the wider cultural, social, and historical contexts in which it is developed.
  • Understand the ways in which music can be written down to support performing and composing activities.
  • Demonstrate and articulate an enthusiasm for music and be able to identify their own personal musical preferences.
  • Meet the end of key stage expectations outlined in the National Curriculum for Music.

Long term planning:

long term plans.pdf

Progression of skills:

progression of skills.pdf