Langley Moor Primary School


At Langley Moor Primary School we want children in Geography:

  •  - To develop a strong understanding of their place in the world including our local area, our region and our country.
  • - To use fieldwork as a central skill to develop their knowledge and skills as a geographer.
  • - To further their knowledge and understanding of place, space and environment.
  • - To have a strong grasp of global issues.

At Langley Moor Primary School our Geography curriculum begins in Reception under the Understanding the World umbrella. Early geography experiences are focused on children knowing where they live and go to school, differences between Langley Moor and other locations including hot and cold places around the world. In Key Stage 1 and 2 children follow the national curriculum with a balance between local, UK and world studies. We use an enquiry-based approach from our youngest children in EYFS to the eldest in KS2 to imbed Geography fieldwork in all of our areas of study. This enables children to develop knowledge and skills alongside each other rather than in isolation.

In Geography at Langley Moor key concepts are explored for each unit of study. These are place, space and environment.

Teachers use common techniques across school to enable children to practise the same skills at different ages.

These techniques include:

Fieldwork – fieldwork to visit, explore and really see places outside of the classroom gives children an in depth understanding of the wider world.

First hand experiences – link visitors allow children to ask and have their questions answered by experts and explore photographs or videos to make learning real of locations which are too far away to travel to and experience first-hand.

Explicit vocabulary - previous learning, knowledge and vocabulary is explicitly shared at the beginning of a topic and taught systematically in a carefully sequenced series of lessons.

Learning journeys – each geography topic has a matching learning journey which includes vocabulary, previous vocabulary, objectives for each lesson and links to the national curriculum. Learning journeys are shared and used for reference in children’s books before each unit of work.


Assessment focuses on children:

  • knowing and remembering what has been taught in the lesson which is assessed formatively by the teacher
  • knowing and remembering what has been taught in previous lessons opportunities for this are planned in to starter activities in following lessons
  • knowing and remembering what has been taught in a previous geography unit a term later which is assessed by the subject lead through discussion with the children alongside their geography book

 Area of study:

geography area of study.pdf


geography coverage.pdf

 Progression of skills:


geography progression.pdf