Langley Moor Primary School


At Langley Moor, we aim to provide an exciting, creative, purposeful and enjoyable English curriculum. We support all of our children to be accomplished readers, writers, spellers and speakers. Our children are able to transfer their knowledge of the English curriculum to other subjects and they are prepared for the next steps in their learning.


We are passionate about reading at Langley Moor. Reading opens doors for pupils and can help them to gain experiences, improve language and vocabulary skills, whilst also stimulating imaginations. Books are carefully chosen to excite and engage, providing opportunities for real-life experiences which deepen comprehension. Through our high quality and stimulating texts, children will develop a rich vocabulary and a lifelong love of reading. We teach our children a wide range of strategies to support them in becoming a confident, independent readers.


We aim to teach our children the craft of writing in order to develop confidence and the necessary skills to write well for a range of purposes and audiences. Carefully planned and progressive teaching of key grammar and punctuation skills ensure our children can communicate in writing effectively. We establish a clear purpose and desire to write by selecting engaging class texts as stimuli, whilst also carefully planning for real-life experiences which excite and inspire.

Speaking and Listening

The ability to communicate effectively leads to improved life opportunities for all. We wish for our children to be eloquent, confident and able to communicate in a variety of ways. It is important that children have the desire and ability to formulate and express their views and opinions about the world in which they live. We are a Rights Respecting school and this links with Article 12 from The UNCRC ‘The right to be heard.’

Progression of Skills:

reading progression of skills.pdf


speaking and listening progression of skills.pdf


vocabulary punctuation and grammar progression of skills.pdf


writing progression of skills.pdf


Exemplar English Learning Journeys:


y3 narrative lj.pdf


y5 persuasive letter lj.pdf