Langley Moor Primary School



Welcome to Reception – the beginning of our wonderful learning journey! In Reception we will acquire the skills to become kind and respectful learners who always try our best. We will develop resilience and independence through our play-based curriculum.

Throughout the year, we will focus on a variety of high-quality fiction and non-fiction texts and nursery rhymes, developing vocabulary and a love of reading. Through our stories, we will explore a range of themes: “All About Me”, “Celebrations”, “People who help us”, “Living Things”, “Healthy Living” and “Transport and Vehicles”. These themes will help us to develop early History, Geography and Science skills through an enquiry-based approach, answering questions such as “What does a seed need to grow?” and “Which materials float and sink?” in preparation for KS1. It is also a very exciting time as we take the first steps in becoming life-long readers, learning how to read and write through our phonics programme “Read, Write, Inc.”

We will have the opportunity to go on a range of exciting trips, exploring the beach to see how it is different for our local area of Langley Moor and visiting our local garden centre to see first-hand how plants are grown. We will also welcome special visitors into our classroom to find out all about different professions and “people who help us”.

We are looking forward to starting a gardening and planting area within our own environment, learning about food produce and where it comes from. We will have the responsibility of looking after our plants and vegetables and making sure that they grow!

We have so much fun in Reception and we can’t wait to share all our learning with you!

Reception Long Term Plan

 Learning Leaflets

RRSA Article Links

Article 28: All children have the right to a good quality education. 

Article 29: All children have the right to education, which should develop talents and abilities.